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Love Plants, Love Yourself

beauty and health tips

by Wilma Tarr, Plant-Based Cook, Nature Lover     Living in a world where our priorities are unbalanced we often neglect our health and especially our diet. There are so many factors at play, not least the role of stress, eating junk food, careless substance use and chasing the skinny ideal. We use unhealthy shortcuts and chemically-laden products to clear up bad skin and add shine to our hair, we medicate symptoms and we simply ignore the tell-tale signs that reveal

Top Four Foods for your Heart

Love Your Veggies, Love Your Heart According to the Heart Foundation, Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in New Zealand. Every 90 minutes, a Kiwi will die from heart disease. One in twenty adults have been diagnosed with heart disease. Risk factors include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight and obesity, low fruit and vegetable intake as well as smoking. The evidence is clear – a plant-based diet, free from cholesterol and saturated animals fats, has been shown to help prevent and even reverses heart disease.   We

Top Vegan Athletes Changing the Face of the Vegan Lifestyle

By virtue of the extensive study and discovery of vegetarian and vegan diets and their various nutritional attributes, more and more people, particularly in the Western Hemisphere, are turning to these diets as a healthy alternative as well as for ethical animal welfare reasons. While for some, the vegan diet is instrumental in a particular and religious social setting, for others it is very much an individual choice, and while gaining popular ground in North America and Western Europe, it

Top 5 foods that boost your libido

Have you been dropping the ball in the bedroom of late?  If we had to say “hot and steamy” would the first thing that came to mind be the feeling after a… laundry session?  If you are looking to boost your drive, we have compiled a list foods of 5 foods that will help your libido. Surprise, surprise, they are all plants! Top 5 foods that boost your libido 1. Watermelon This fruit contains L-citrulline, which according to new research, has

Go Vegan! Keep it up!

“So can a vegetarian diet still revive masculine glory?”  Although not something openly discussed on the golf course or even after a few beers, impotence is a problem that affects many men, but maybe not so many vegetarian men. There are no documented South African statistics, but the general prevalence according to urologists is 5% of men from the age of 30, increasing dramatically to 50-60% of men past the age of 60! Unfortunately 30% of these unlucky gentlemen do

Raising a Vegetarian Child

“Mom, what’s for supper?” Following a well-balanced plant-based diet is not only healthy but evidence suggests that it may help prevent or even reverse some diseases.  Furthermore, both the Australian and American Governments have publicly recognised the benefits of plant-based diets. If your children refuse to eat meat because they struggle with texture or you are raising your kids vegetarian,  it is possible for them to receive all their nutrients with a well-balanced diet.   Dr. Jatinder Bhatia, chairman of the American

Vegan and Vegetarian Crossfit Diet

Eating a vegetarian or vegan diet go hand-in-hand with healthy and active lifestyle.  More sportsmen and women across the world are adopting it in order to compete at the top of their game.  Famous examples of vegetarian and vegan athletes include Carl Lewis, Brendan Brazier, Venus Williams, Peter Siddle and Patrik Baboumian (the World’s Strongest man!).  Crossfit is quickly becoming the most popular sport on the planet, we should know because three of the Fry’s Directors (Richard, Shaun and Hayley) are

The health benefits of superfoods

So called ‘Superfoods’ offer more than just sustenance to those who consume them. This is a group of foods, collectively named for their high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and particularly antioxidants. Whilst the various vitamins and minerals have individual functionality for health, antioxidants are those which specifically help to prevent and repair oxidative stress in the body, a process which damages cells and causes ageing.  Oxidative stress is an inevitable occurrence, but the risk of associated onset of age-related

How to Calculate How Much Protein You Need

South Africans eat up to 81 grams of protein a day while Americans and the British eat over 100 grams a day. While according to the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention the recommended daily average for protein is between 46 and 56 grams. But how much do you really need?

Top 10 vegetarian sources of protein

Are you wondering how to get enough protein as a vegetarian or vegan? Or are you looking for plant-based sources of protein?