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Hayley Richardson

Hayley, the middle Fry daughter, is tasked with creating delicious new vegetarian products to keep your taste buds coming back for more. She is a keen crossfit athlete and mother of two.

Wally Fry

Wally and his wife, Debbie, started making protein alternatives for their own consumption back in 1991. This eventually lead to Wally becoming vegetarian and was the start of Fry’s Family Foods.

Stacey Steinbach

Stacey, the youngest Fry daughter and fresh graduate, has recently come into the business and is beginning to learn the ropes.

Shaun Richardson

Shaun Richardson, Hayley’s husband, is involved with exporting our food to the four corners of the globe and knows his way around a computer.

Debbie Fry

Debbie Fry is an executive member of the board and oversees all operations throughout South Africa and the world

Richard Kelly

Richard’s life changed for the better when he stopped eating meat, chicken and fish a few years ago. Losing fat, he gained muscle and felt much lighter.

Tammy Fry Kelly

Marketing Director at Fry’s Family Foods, vegetarian, mother of two, and a 5th Dan black belt for karate.