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Richard Kelly

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Richard Kelly; Director at Fry’s Family Foods, vegetarian, father of two, and a Crossfitter.

Richard was a keen rugby player at school and captaining South African schools and representing South Africa at the U-19 World Cup in both Italy in 1996 and Argentina in 1997.  Richard then captained Natal U-21 in 1999 before applying his skills in New Zealand with Canterbury.  As well as stints with Griquas.

Richard’s life changed for the better when he stopped eating meat, chicken and fish a few years ago.  Losing fat, he gained muscle and felt much lighter.  He would always feel sluggish after eating meat but now he gets all the protein from Fry’s which is not only has all 8 essential amino acids but is high in fibre.

After a career ending set of injuries Richard found crossfit which enabled him to maintain his fitness without impacting his health.  He know competes in tournaments across South Africa.  For more information on how to go meat free and do crossfit, click here.

Vegetarian crossfit

Apart from ensuring the highest standards are kept at the Fry’s factory and restaurants all over South Africa (and the world) serve more veggie foods,he loves spending time with his wife Tammy and two sons Josh and Kai.

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