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Tammy Fry Kelly

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Tammy Fry Kelly; Marketing Director at Fry’s Family Foods, vegetarian, mother of two, and a 5th Dan black belt for karate.

Tammy was born a vegetarian.  Her father, Wally Fry is a born and bred South African where Zulu was (almost) his first language and meat was very much part of his life.   He told Tammy that “to grow up big and strong you need to eat your meat!”.  After Tammy refused to eat any, Wally and Debbie (another lifelong vegetarian) started making protein alternatives for their own consumption.  This eventually lead to Wally becoming vegetarian and was the start of Fry’s Family Foods.

After receiving her BCom (hons) in Marketing and Economics, there was only one place where Tammy could see herself working as a passionate vegetarian and that was at Fry’s.  She joined the company in 2001 where she was the only marketer in the business.  Wally was not a huge believer in marketing and so she was relegated to the “weighing” room in the warehouse with one computer!  It was here where, day-after-day, she started creating the Fry’s brand (covered in Spice dust!).

Tammy was also the world’s youngest waterskiier and graced the water at 8 months. She then moved onto karate at age 4 and continues to compete 28 years later.  Acquiring her black belt and representing South Africa in karate as a participant at the All Africa Games.


Other than growing the Fry’s brand in countries all over the world (Fry’s is available in over 25 countries), she loves spending time with her husband Richard and two sons Josh and Kai.  When asked how she manages raising vegetarian children, Tammy replies “Fry’s certainly makes it a cinch.  When our kids were born, we developed POPS with Fruit chutney sprinkles and some other kid-friendly options  (not to replace the veggies, but to replace the animal protein.)”.

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