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Top 5 foods that boost your libido

bigstock-Banana-Peel-7767364Have you been dropping the ball in the bedroom of late?  If we had to say “hot and steamy” would the first thing that came to mind be the feeling after a… laundry session?  If you are looking to boost your drive, we have compiled a list foods of 5 foods that will help your libido. Surprise, surprise, they are all plants!

Top 5 foods that boost your libido

1. Watermelon

This fruit contains L-citrulline, which according to new research, has a Viagra-like effect on the body’s blood vessels.  This amino acid helps improve blood flow to the areas that count and will keep you raring to go.

2. Olives

Used by the Ancient Greeks to aid romance so you know its good.  Olives and olive oil contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which can increase testosterone levels.

3. Dark Chocolate

Did you know that a large amount of dark chocolate is made without animal products?  There are other benefits from eating more of the stuff – apparently it mimics the sensation of being in love. So move over tall, dark and handsome all you need is in a chocolate wrapper!

4. Avocados

Spanish priests at one stage banned this fruit because they were deemed to sexy and the Aztec’s used to call them “ahuacati” (we’ll let you Google that to find out what it means).  They are loaded with potassium and are high in folic acid which keep your batteries charged for an all-nighter.

5. Asparagus

Besides almost looking like the word aphrodisiac, asparagus has been deemed successful for your prowess since ancient times.  They are rich in vitamin B which help with the production of histamine, which contributes to a healthy sex drive in men and women.

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