We’ve Just Launched Two New Vegan Chilled Products – Chick’n Pieces in Lemon & Herb and Peri Peri

We’ve just launched our first-ever vegan chilled products in Australia! Available exclusively at Woolworths, this is the first time we’ve extended beyond our signature frozen range of products.

The two products are incredibly versatile, 100% vegan friendly Chick’n Pieces – one marinaded in Lemon & Herb and one in Peri Peri. Both come with an incredible 5-star health rating and are the perfect healthier plant-based chicken alternative for salads, kebabs, wraps, stir-fries and more.

While our frozen products will always be central to our offering, we know it is important to adapt and move with changing customer demands – particularly for tasty products they can simply heat and eat. We’ve seen a huge spike in interest in veganism over the last few years, so for us, it’s a very exciting time to be sharing even more quality, delicious products with an ever-growing audience. We think these ready-to-eat vegan Chicken-style products are perfect for customers looking for healthy convenience foods.

They are also ideal for busy families looking for easy, kid friendly plant-based options. Ready in 10 minutes or less, they are quick, convenient, and perfect as a protein option for quick dinners, lunches and snacks.

When we developed these beauties, we were determined to create something that would satisfy even the most avid meat eaters. They are great for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike – basically, they are a go-to for anyone looking to reduce their meat intake, without having to compromise on their favourites.

Hayley and Tammy Fry have led the charge in the creation of these two new products. As plant-based parents with households full of growing teens, they understand the need for healthy, delicious and easy to prepare meals. These Chick’n Pieces tick all those boxes.

We really wanted something that would give parents the ease of use and versatility of chicken, but was cleaner and completely vegan. We wanted to create a plant-based product that would shine in the chiller, and would offer real value to busy families who want to eat something that is better for them and better for the planet.

Want your family to eat less meat? Well, throwing together a Chick’n salad, a quick wrap or making juicy, delish kebabs for the barbeque has never been easier. These will impress even the fussiest of chicken-lovers.

Chick’n Pieces in Lemon & Herb and Peri Peri are exclusively available at Woolworths and can be bought online or in-store.

Why not check out these mouth-watering Chick’n Pieces recipes on our website:

Once you’ve given them a try we would love to hear what you think. Why not take some pics and share with us on Instagram @frysfamily and @tammyfry_


We are top of the pops!

Taking plant-based snacking to the next level

Fry’s has launched two exciting new healthy snacking products. Introducing Popcorn Chick’n and Stars & Moons – delicious, easy-to-prepare chicken-style snacks that are going to take plant-based snacking to the next level.

Popcorn Chick’n is available at Woolworths and Coles and our Stars & Moons are exclusively available at Coles.

Both products are ideal for busy parents looking for easy, plant-based snacks for the whole family.

Stars & Moons’ chicken-style nugget shapes are perfect for little adventurers and aspiring astronauts. Parents love their convenience and taste appeal while kids love their golden-delicious yumminess. Perfect for lunchboxes, general snacking or after school quick meals.

Popcorn Chick’n are bite sized, vegan southern-style ‘chicken’ pieces that are the quickest, tastiest, plant-based fake-away’ on the market. Their juicy chicken-style filling is coated in a tasty unique breading which will leave you wanting more, and more. Ready in 10 minutes, they are quick, convenient, and ideal as a movie-night sharer, or late-night student snack attack or as a quick fix for all night gamers!

When the Fry’s team developed these wonderful new products, they were determined to create plant-based snacks that would satisfy everyone – avid meat eaters, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans alike.

Tammy Fry says: “It’s always been our mission to offer great tasting plant-based food for every meal occasion, and we’re thrilled to be bringing these products to Coles and Woolworths. We are always looking for ways to help people swap to delicious plant-based alternatives, one meal, or snack at a time.”

Check them out at Coles and Woolworths online or in-store in the frozen section.

(Pssst.. We have also launched a new Steak-Style Pie that will knock your socks off. Now available at Coles and Woolworths, these plant-based pies are chock full of tasty steak-style pieces covered in a delicious savoury vegan gravy, encased in perfect golden puff pastry.) 



It’s the month of LOVE and whether you are celebrating the Feast of Saint Valentine with a beloved face-to-face or remotely due to pandemic pandemonium or using the day to focus on the most important relationship one can have – yourself! Cooking up a storm can be a great way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Ditch the risk of crowded restaurants, light some scented candles, turn up that smooth plant-based-cheesy jazz, throw on an apron – maybe only an apron, who’s there to judge – and go to town with these delicious, vegan, Valentine’s Day recipes. Plant-based eating can be a great way to bond over shared ideals for the good of the planet, a healthy body and mind, and has the added benefit of improving your energy levels, wink!


These light and flavourful rice wraps are the perfect meal to make together and a great excuse to get a little handsy with your food. The end result is sure to be Instagram-worthy! Hot-tip: For an extra romantic flourish include some edible flowers and get creative with your placing.


Great for nibbling and dipping and whiling away an evening together these sossies not only look impressive, they’re playful and a whole lot of fun to eat.


This recipe is super easy with a fun and fancy twist! Bright, colourful beetroot hummus contrasted against some zesty guac is a celebration of colour and life, what could be more romantic than that?


Name a more romantic scene than famous spaghetti sharing scene in the classic Lady and The Tramp! Share in your very own spaghetti kiss moment with the bonus of being animal cruelty-free.

Valentines Day Truffles

Is it ever really Valentine’s Day without chocolate involved? Pull out all the stops with these handcrafted delicacies from The Fry Family’s own Tammy Fry to finish off your evening with a flourish.

Want to get more recipes? Head over to our cookbook page where there are dozens of free creative plant-based recipes for you to download.


The Big Fry Burger named “Best Plant-Based Food” at Symrise Food Review New Product Awards

We are proud to announce that our beloved Big Fry Burger has been awarded the top spot in the “Plant-Based Food” category at the 2020/2021 Symrise Food Review New Product Awards.

We knew from day one that the Big Fry Burger would be one of the best plant-based burgers on the market, and we love that it has been recognized by one of South Africa’s top product innovation awards.

The ‘Plant-Based Foods’ category is a new addition to the Symrise Food Review New Product Awards and we can’t wait to see it grow from strength to strength.

Says Tammy Fry, co-founder and Global Brand Lead of Fry’s, “We launched the Big Fry Burger in 2020 in response to massive consumer demand for a local, affordable vegan burger patty that had the same sizzle, taste and texture as a ground beef burger. The Big Fry Burger ticks all of these boxes, and is a firm favourite with vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike.”

Tammy adds that awards like this show a growing demand for plant-based foods by retailers, food service and consumers. “The category is now a mainstream offering and this opens up incredible opportunity for product innovation both in-store and out of home.”


Five Key Differences Between Vegan and Flexitarian

Labels can be so daunting! Vegan, plant-based, vegetarian, fruitarian, pescatarian, omnivore, herbivore, carnivore and now “flexitarian”?

Some people try to avoid labels because they know that with titles come restrictions. Did you “catch” a vegan accidentally eating some mayonnaise with egg in it and give them a hard time? What if you’re vegan and you genuinely just want to eat a dairy cheesy pizza. Does that mean you’re not vegan anymore? It’s kind of like being on a diet for your health. You might stick to healthy carbs, good fats and exercise, but what if you have a slice of delicious chocolate cake? Did you ‘break’ your diet? Lose all your progress? Of course not.

It’s all about owning your own journey and being gentle with yourself.

So what are the KEY differences between VEGAN, VEGETARIAN and FLEXITARIAN:

  1. Who eats meat?

Vegans never eat meat or any form of animal product including dairy, eggs and honey. Vegetarians will eat eggs and dairy, but they don’t eat meat. Flexitarians eat meat ‘occasionally’ but their focus is on eating mainly plant-based, often for health reasons.

  1. Who eats eggs, cheese, and milk?

Vegans don’t, but Vegetarians and Flexitarians do.

  1. Which one is better for the environment?

This is a complicated debate but when breaking it down to its simplest form, a vegan diet has less impact than one that includes meat. Every meat-free meal can make a difference to both your health and the health of the planet.

  1. Which diet is healthier for you?

This depends on the person. You could be vegan and only eat deep-fried vegetables or eat a lot of unhealthy fats and carbs. Whether you eat meat or not, it’s always important to have a balanced diet rich in varied fruits and veggies, good fats and proteins and unrefined carbohydrates. The trick is in finding the healthiest swops for your meat proteins.

  1. Which diet is easiest to follow?

Again, this depends on how much research and meal prep you do. As with any lifestyle shift, finding an online community and like-minded people will give you the best chance. Why not sign up for Veganuary to get regular support and some incredible tips, tricks and recipes. It’s a great way to start your year – but it is also something you can explore doing at various times in the year.

Taking the first step..

Find your personal ‘food identity’ and experiment with some meat replacements. It’s so much fun trying new recipes. Pssst: your friends & family might not even be able to tell the difference! Here is an easy plant-based snacking idea that both vegans and flexis will love – the Crispy Asian Chicken-Style Lettuce Cups using Fry’s Chicken-Style Burgers or our Quinoa and Brown Rice Protein Burgers.

(FYI – our Chicken-Style Burgers were voted as one of the top 10 plant-based burgers by abillion. It was the only plant-based chicken burger recognised in their list.)


The Flexitarian Diet Is A Winner for Diabetes Management

This study of the world’s best diets, clocked the flexitarian diet as the best for weight loss, and second best for diabetes management (along with the vegan diet).

Why is this important?

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most prevalent non-communicable diseases across the world which is alarming considering that it is primarily a result of lifestyle choices and can be avoided.

How can being a flexi help?

One of the leading causes of type 2 diabetes is obesity. A balanced flexitarian diet rich in whole foods and vegetables is great for the day to day management of diabetes but can also help those who want to maintain a healthy weight without going completely vegan.

So what is a flexitarian diet?

‘Flexitarian’ is a combination of the words ‘flexible’ and ‘vegetarian’. It’s the best of both worlds for making small manageable dietary changes as you can alternate between meat focused meals and plant-based ones. Typically, a flexitarian will eat predominantly plant-based with smaller amounts of meat.

How do things like Veganuary help?

Movements like Veganuary are really helpful because they make it easy to try plant-based without completely committing to a total life-change. Plus when you decide to do plant-based for a month, you start to see results really quickly.

Some advantages to being flexitarian:

  1. Less risk of heart disease – A high fibre diet is good for the health of your heart. Meat has zero fibre, while plant-based foods including meat alternatives tend to be higher in fibre.
  2. Weight loss – plant-based foods can have less calories so having more of them in your diet (and choosing the right ones) is going to help with healthy weight.
  3. Better for the environment – animal agriculture has a much greater impact on the environment so by cutting some of the meat out of your diet you are lessening your impact on the planet.  

But remember, keep it simple and do not strive for perfection – it is your journey so enjoy the process and make it your own.


A plant-based barbie is a kinder barbie

The final days of the school holidays, and the last week of Veganuary is the perfect time for a summer barbecue. Happy Australia Barbeque Day!

So how about we ‘spare the lamb’ and throw a plant-based burger on the barbie?

A barbecue is the perfect occasion to celebrate togetherness, and within that unity, we invite Aussies to also consider animals and the planet.

The refreshing news is Australians are becoming more open-minded when it comes to considering a plant-based diet, whether it’s a decision based on health, saving animals, or the planet. Fry’s crafts delicious plant-based food for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and even for the meat-eating curious! Wherever you are on your plant-based journey, Fry’s is here to make that journey easy and delicious. There doesn’t ever need to be a compromise on taste, convenience or quality with a brand with strong family values at the core of everything we do.

We have the opportunity to continue to make changes from our kitchen tables and barbecues. We can also inspire friends and families to consider consuming kinder products.

But, how do you create the ultimate plant-based barbecue that not only avid vegans will love? It’s easy.

We live in a world with so many delicious and nutritious plant-based food options, with plenty of products to please vegans and non-vegans alike. Options for the plant-based family meals and barbies are ever growing.

There isn’t anything more Aussie than prawns, so how about skewering some plant-based Prawn Style Pieces on the barbie with a delicious dipping salsa like here?

And then is there a greater love story than a burger on a barbeque? Fry’s Big Fry Burger looks, sizzles, and tastes like a ground beef burger (no really, it’s quite uncanny) and with more protein, dietary fibre, less fat and zero cholesterol, even if you’re not vegan for the animals, you’ll be hard pressed to not see the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Here are our top three burger recipes:

1. Let’s begin with a classic, our Big MacFry Burger recipe:

A double decker, juicy, traditional style plant-based burger recipe that’s quick to make so you can spend more time where it counts – togetherness.

2. A little extra guacamole loving, for the avocado fans of the family, it’s our Creamy Crunch Burger recipe:

Dig into that creamy luxurious guac kept bright and fresh with some zesty zing and feel confident about your plant-based family meal – this one comes with added health busting veg! Who says we can’t have our cake and eat it too when it comes to junk food?

3. Kicking it up a notch for a the more adventurous, try this Korean BBQ Style Plant-Based Burger with Kimchi:

Out with the same old! Let’s try something new! Nothing like a plant-based recipe to take you on an adventure. Plus Kimchi is great for your gut-health!

We hope, however you are celebrating the institution of the Aussie barbecue it’s a day for celebrating togetherness, diversity and family, however you choose to define it! Let’s also raise a glass of your best Aussie brew or vino and consider the environment as part of that global family.


We were named Best Vegan “Meat” at the VegfestUK Awards 2021

We were awarded the Best Vegan “Meat” award at the annual VegFestUK awards this week.

Bringing to the fore the best of the best in the vegan community, the annual VegFestUK awards spanned 21 categories, such as best Vegan “Meat”, Vegan Mylks, Media Publications, Vegan Fashion & Footwear and Vegan Community Project all voted on by passionate foodies, vegans, flexitarians, and plant-based eaters from around the UK.

We took just under a quarter of the votes in the hotly contested category from vegan and vegetarian food fans from across the UK. The VegfestUK Awards enter their 15th consecutive year in 2021, spanning an era that has witnessed the explosion of plant-based diets and ethical veganism.

2021 has seen tremendous growth for us, especially after having recently joined forces with other leading vegan food brands Oumph! and LikeMeat as part of the LIVEKINDLY collective.

When announcing the best vegan “meat” substitutes category, VegFestUK founder Tim Barford, said: “The Favourite Vegan “Meat” Category is a hotly contested category to compete in because of the large amount of investment recently in the meat alternative sector.”

Our plant-based meat alternatives are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of vegan recipes. Our range includes our Chicken-Style Nuggets, Pea Protein Mince, Golden Crumbed Schnitzels, Big Fry Burgers, and so many more.

We are a family of vegetarians and vegans, and since day one it has been our goal to make great tasting, high protein vegan food; initially for ourselves, and now our customers all over the world.

VegFestUK has been such a huge part of our journey as a plant-based brand, from our family kitchen in South Africa, to the shelves of some of the biggest supermarkets in the UK, so it’s an honour to be recognised by such a prestigious institution within the vegan community.

This award gives us great motivation to continue our commitment to creating the best tasting, most innovative, ethical, and plant-based meat-alternatives for our customers. 


Festive Meal Planning Made Plant-based

The festive season is here so it’s time to throw the diet plan out the window, ready the almond milk for Santa’s arrival and start planning your Christmas dinner ideas. Whether you’re plant-based yourself, have vegetarian guests coming or just want some delicious vegetable-based recipes in your festive cooking arsenal, we’ve got you covered with our best meat-free Christmas menu ideas.

There are so many reasons to eat plant-based this festive season. It could be to reduce your carbon footprint, to save animals or for your health. But going plant-based doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a delicious Christmas dinner. You can recreate what you would normally make, but make it vegan. While meat and dairy are cornerstone ingredients of the traditional feast, your vegan Christmas dinner can include all of your favourites without sacrificing the flavour of the food you love.

Here are our top delicious Festive recipes and tips that will make this season’s eatings full of joy and merriment:






For the Main Table:





VEGAN CHRISTMAS PUDDING – recipe from The Veg Space

VEGAN MINCE PIES – recipe from A Virtual Vegan


Vegan Burger recipes to try these school holidays at home with your kids

Gone are the days where a burger meant a beef-only patty. This round up of our favourite plant-based burgers will leave no person behind, even the most dedicated carnivores. These recipes are great if you are looking for easy vegan meals for the whole family. We’ve got recipes for the biggest of appetites, easy veggie burger ideas to whip together on a lazy night, and some recipes that are a bit over the top. Hamburgers everywhere we salute you; you’re our idea of the perfect meal.

We have tons of vegan burger patties to choose from in our range. From vegan Chicken-Style Burgers, to our famous Big Fry Burgers! Have a look at our full range of burgers here.

Find your favourite plant-based burger recipe:


Aloha burger

Our Big Fry Burgers are cooked over the BBQ or on the stove in a delicious BBQ sauce. We bet you won’t be able to tell these are completely meatless burgers!


fry's braaied mushroom burger

We swap out classic burger buns for these ridiculously meaty BBQed mushrooms which pack in a hearty, smoky flavour.


Lebanese burger

Jazz up this meatless hamburger recipe with this wholesome hummus and sun-dried tomatoes.