We’ve just launched Australia’s first vegan brioche bun!

We have some exciting news! We’ve just launched our vegan brioche buns, which are exclusively available at Woolworths! Our brioche bun has long been known as the perfect burger partner.  But this deliciously soft, rich and buttery bread is traditionally made with eggs and milk, so enjoying brioche has not been commonplace for vegans. Until now! Our brand-new Brioche Burger Buns are fluffy and sweet, and will make the perfect BFF for any of our burgers.

Creating the perfect burger bun to accompany our burgers felt like a wonderfully synergistic innovation.  The plant-based burger has been a staple of our product range since we opened our doors 30-years ago but this is the first time we have produced a bakery product!

The vegan food space is very different now compared to when we started our business in South Africa in 1991. The pace at which the plant-based industry is growing is most definitely reflected in our sales figures and in our new product development. We’ve grown nearly 30-40% year on year and in March alone we saw that same level of growth alone, because of how consumers’ buying habits have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current circumstances aside, studies are showing that consumers are leaping on the growing array of plant-based options. Those who are restricting certain animal-based products but not following a strict vegan/ vegetarian diet account for nearly 50% of consumers globally.

If you’re looking for the perfect burger to have with your brioche, we have a range to choose from. Our Traditional Burger, Chicken-Style Burger and Quinoa and Brown Rice Protein Burgers are all high in protein, naturally cholesterol-free and non-GM.

Marinade your burger of choice with your favourite sauce and fire up the grill for chargrilled perfection.  Serve them up on a 100% vegan brioche bun, and you have a next-level plant-based burger meal!