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Bob Humphrey

22 September 2016, Thursday


Being vegan at music festivals



by Bob Humphrey, Blogger, Fry’s Family Foods UK

This summer is in full swing so that means longer days, warmer nights, and music festivals! I have put together some tips for you to make your next music festival, not only fun and fantastic, but powered by plants. But firstly, remember to take only what you can carry… the car parks are usually quite a walk from the camping area you don’t want to burn out before you even get your tent up!


There are so many options for brekkie! You can take oats, muesli, granola and chia seeds, mix your chosen product with water, plant milk, agave or maple syrup and you have an instant healthy and tasty breakfast, also top with bananas to get those vitamins in!

Top tip: Keep the bananas in your tent; if you are like me and enjoy them when they are covered in brown spots then you will love how fast they ripen in your tent.

Lunch & Dinner

There are so many veggie food vans (have you tried the food from Just Like Your Mom?) at festivals lunch and dinner is pretty much covered, if you’re on a budget you can always make your own, tins and packet foods are great to take if you’re cooking for a small amount of people or you can go all out if there’s a large group of you. Veggie curries, chillies and rice dishes are all super tasty and easy to make.

If you are on a budget, canned food, beans, veggies and lentils are a great way of getting in good meals and staying on budget.


Breakfast bars are the best snack to carry around, take as many as you can fit in your watermelon shaped bum bag! Clif bars, Nakd bars, Flapjacks, and also dried fruit & nuts are handy to keep in your tent.



BYOVB – Bring Your Own Vegan Beer… or whatever other drink you fancy. Most festival will serve vegan drink options but if like me you, like to plan ahead, take your own!


Superdrug have an amazing range or moderately priced vegan certified products, from face wipes to toothpaste. You can pick it all up in one store and still not break the bank! Lush also have a great range of products that will cater for all your festival needs. Don’t forget the sun cream… (Although you might not need it).



If you are trying to be more environmentally friendly getting to the festival you could take the train or car share, there are many websites dedicated to car shares.

What are you top tips for being vegan at music festivals? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter now!

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