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Emily Rookley

5 October 2016, Wednesday


Emily Rookley – Ultra White Collar Boxing Challenge for Cancer research

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Today’s guest blogger is Emily Rookley who participated in the Ultra White Collar Boxing Challenge for Cancer research. She took on the challenge and wanted to show that as a boxer, you can not only survive but thrive on a vegan diet! Read her story below.  

When I first saw Ultra White Collar Boxing advertised I thought it would be a bit of fun and a different way to raise money for a charity that resonates with most, so I didn’t hesitate and signed up straight away. It was only after the welcome meeting and the first training session that I truly found out what I had let myself in for. The challenge was set, I had to get fight ready in 8 weeks and that would involve pushing myself to the limit at training 3-4 times a week.  


  • Meat versus plants? Which is the ultimate protein? Click here to find out!


Anyone who has a busy lifestyle, is on the go or exercises a lot knows that it’s a challenge to make sure you’re eating proper meals throughout the day that are both nutritious and filling. With this in mind and being a vegan myself, I knew that I could rely on Fry’s products to add some plant protein and substance to my meals. I found this particularly useful when I was short of time and when I was going straight to training after work and needed a hearty lunch to keep me going. I think my favourite products are the Falafel Burgers [link] because they are full of flavour and the Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets [link] because they are great to snack on!  

Frys Boxing


  • Fun fact: Did you know that many top athletes are taking the vegan challenge and following a diet packed with plant proteins? Novak Djokovic, Venus and Serena Williams are just a few who are choosing plants!


After the 8 weeks I came out fitter and leaner, which certainly helped me when I stepped into the ring. It was a hard feat but I won my fight on points. Although most importantly, the Milton Keynes team raised over £10,000 for Cancer Research UK. I’m very grateful that Fry’s Family Foods choose to sponsor me for this challenge.


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