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3 September 2015, Thursday


Plant-based High Protein Foods


When looking for foods that are high in protein, most people’s first reaction is to head towards the meat aisle in the supermarket. High protein foods are often thought to only come from animal sources but there are a number of health issues associated with eating a heavy meat-based diet. Increasingly, nutrition experts are advocating a diet that has protein sources which come from plants, over their animal counterparts, in order to prevent some of the leading causes of death; cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

When it comes to protein, there are a number of plant-based sources which can be higher in protein than meat. When combined correctly, plant sources such as soy, tofu, legumes and other grains can also provide all of the essential amino acids required in a healthy and balanced diet. The benefit of eating foods with high protein from only vegan sources is that they are naturally cholesterol free and contain zero trans fats. However, the modern lifestyle demands convenience and eating healthy can be time-consuming. To find out which foods offer the highest protein without the hassle, we put the range of Fry’s veggie burgers to the test against your standard beef burgers and other veggie burgers.

These are the results:


The range of veggie burgers produced by Fry’s Family Foods,  offer a high protein alternative to meat which is not only hassle-free but has 25% more protein than a standard beef burger or other veggie burgers. The burgers are also packed full of fibre and are naturally cholesterol free. The range makes eating a high protein diet easy, healthier and tasty.

You will be able to get all your protein from our green boxes in the frozen food section from leading retailers across the country. 

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