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Meat Alternatives

What is Fry’s?

We make a range of food which is free from meat, egg, and dairy. Our food makes eating a plant-based diet not only easy, but delicious.

Is Fry’s vegan?

Yes, all our food is vegan and endorsed by the Vegan Society of the UK.

Is Fry’s endorsed by any religious certification?

Yes, our range of meat alternatives in the United Kingdom is certified as Halaal, Kosher, and Shudda.

Why is Fry’s Halaal?

Our food is certified Halaal to let Muslim customers know that there is no alcohol present in the production process. We do not have animal products in our food and therefore this certification has nothing to do with the treatment of animals.

If it’s not meat, then what is it?

Our food is made from a blend of vegetable proteins which come from legumes and grains; we then use natural flavours and spices to mimic the taste of meat.

Why make food that tastes like meat?

Many people love the taste of meat, but choose not to eat because of their health, compassion towards animals or to reduce their environmental footprint. Fry’s makes eating a plant-based diet that much easier and convenient.

What are the benefits of eating Fry’s?

Fry’s is a complete protein – containing all the essential amino acids. Our food is high in protein, a source of fibre and is naturally cholesterol free.

Is Fry’s a soy product?

We use soy in our food; between 15 – 30% on average. Other ingredients include wheat, potatoes, peas, celery, and mushrooms.

Are your foods NON Genetically Modified?

Our entire range of food is NON GMO; we ensure that all ingredients used are sourced from producers that adhere to our strict standards. We also test our raw materials with the independent auditors to ensure that all ingredients are free from genetically modified organisms.

Is soy healthy?

Soy has been eaten for thousands of years in the east and has been known to have many health benefits. Many of the latest peer-reviewed studies have shown that there are numerous benefits associated with including soy into a well-balanced diet.

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