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Featured Product: Blackbean, Quinoa & Chia Bites

SuperfoodsOur Blackbean, Quinoa & Chia Bites are quick and easy to prepare, and are bursting with flavour. They have also won Product of the Year in 2014 for the best Vegetarian Snack in South Africa, as voted by 5’000 South Africans. It is little wonder seeing as they are made with your health in mind with all the goodness that comes from Nature. Look out for these Bites in the frozen food section of all leading retailers across South Africa.

Black beans are packed full of fibre and protein while being high in antioxidants.  Quinoa is a great source of iron and chia is a well known for being rich in omega-3s.  For more information about Superfoods click here. These healthy bites are low in fat and are low GI but with 100% of the tasties and 0% of the nasties.  Want to see the nutritional values and what ingredients are used? Click here.

The bites are the perfect addition to any salad, or as a quick snack dipped in some sweet chilli sauce or add between two slices of multigrain bread with pesto and microgreens.  Check out these recipes using our Superfood bites;

With these health bites Fry’s makes eating Superfoods not only easy but fun!