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Go Vegan! Keep it up!

Men's Health“So can a vegetarian diet still revive masculine glory?” 

Although not something openly discussed on the golf course or even after a few beers, impotence is a problem that affects many men, but maybe not so many vegetarian men. There are no documented South African statistics, but the general prevalence according to urologists is 5% of men from the age of 30, increasing dramatically to 50-60% of men past the age of 60! Unfortunately 30% of these unlucky gentlemen do not respond to treatment with any of the various medications available. When medicine fails us, what else is left to try but changing our diet? It can’t do any harm. In fact, Fry’s vegetarian foods may just be the simple solution you are looking for to improve sexual stamina!

Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as it is less implicitly described presents in various ways and is diagnosed in two broad categories- organic and non-organic impotence.

Risk of ED increases with age, but it isn’t inevitable. It also doesn’t necessarily require waving of the white flag or a defeated goodbye to youthful prowess and good times in the bedroom. What it certainly does require is the courage to seek advice. Granted, this is not something which men find so easy to do, so we’ve simplified and summed up a potential solution for those struggling to achieve ‘solid’ results on their own.

Although meat is a must for most men, we have luckily progressed from Mesopotamian times and meat-free eating is no longer limited to greens and beans! Fry’s foods has developed an assortment of nutritious, delicious vegan options, that can still be cooked on a Weber, enjoyed on a bun, and be easily prepared by even the most non-culinary men!

Vegetarian diets in general are healthier, leaner and lower in calories than diets indulgent in animal protein. “Successful weight management would also be imperative.” says Davies, “as obesity is another risk factor for ED.” According to the International Journal of Obesity, a 10% reduction in body weight has been significantly associated with increased testosterone levels and an 8 week low calorie diet showed significant improvements in erectile function and sexual desire. The same journal has reported BMI (Body Mass Index) to be higher amongst meat eaters than vegetarians.

If medication or other methods are not working for you, it’s time to take heed of your forefathers and seek solace in food-just not in the typical male-type preference for cheeseburgers with fries, but rather in the likes of roots and shoots and Fry’s!

Dietary Tips to get ED out of your BED!

Go Green
Switch from fatty animal proteins to protein rich plant foods (or at least substitute on a more regular basis.) Thanks to Fry’s foods the only culinary skill required is adjusting the shopping list.

Get Roughage
A high fibre, low GI diet will assist in weight loss, but also in the symptomatic treatment of non-organic impotence. Vegan diets are also naturally higher in fibre due to the increased consumption of grains, fruits and vegetables.

Quit Smoking
This nasty habit can accelerate arterial disease and cause damage to all blood vessels- of any organ or appendage.

Go easy on the alcohol
Alcohol is a Central Nervous System sedative and more than 2 glasses per day is not advisable if you are looking to avoid lethargy all round.

Caryn Davies RD(SA)
Consultant Dietician