Our Pop-ular Plant-based Popcorn Chick’n is now in Tesco!

It’s official! Our Popcorn Chick’n is now in 375 Tesco stores across the country.  

We first popped onto the market with our pop-tastic Popcorn Chick’n in Feb in Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores. These tasty bites have proved to be so irresistible for shoppers it was decided to add them to Tesco too. You can get them in store at 375 outlets and online at  

Ideal for busy families looking for great kid friendly plant-based snacks, Popcorn Chick’n is great for a quick bite or for after school teatimes. Ready in 10 minutes straight from the freezer, the plant-based snack is quick, delicious, and sure to please those looking for a convenient treat.

Made with Fry’s usual standards of top quality, non-GM plant proteins. They are juicy, plant-based morsels. Juicy on the inside and golden and crispy in the outside. The perfect fake-away!

We believe our Popcorn Chick’n is the best by far! The easiest, tastiest, 100% vegan chicken popcorn in town!

So, the only question left is, how do you pop??


Top of the pops! Our brand new plant-based Popcorn Chick’n now in Iceland stores.

We are so excited to announce that our highly anticipated, super delicious, 100% plant-based Popcorn Chick’n is now in over 700 Iceland and The Food Warehouse Stores.

These bite sized, vegan fried ‘chicken’ favourites really deliver on taste and convenience. Their juicy chicken style filling is coated in a tasty unique crumb which will leave you wanting more, and more.

Plus, they are ideal for busy families looking for easy, kid friendly plant-based options. Popcorn Chick’n is great for snacking or after school teatimes. Ready in 10 minutes, they are quick, convenient, and perfect as a movie night sharer, for late night student snacking or as a quick fix for all night gamers!

When we developed these golden beauties, we were determined to create something that would satisfy even the most avid meat snackers. They are great for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike – basically they are a go-to for anyone looking to reduce their meat intake, without having to compromise on takeaway favourites.

Look out for the iconic, made-for-snacking packs in the meat free freezer at Iceland and The Food Warehouse.

Tammy Fry says: “It’s always been our mission to give people great tasting plant-based food for every meal occasion, and we’re thrilled to be bringing our version of a bite-sized chicken shop favourite to the UK, helping people swap to delicious plant-based alternatives, one meal, or snack at a time.

(Pssst.. Popcorn Chick’n will roll out into other retail outlets soon – watch this space).



It’s the month of LOVE and whether you are celebrating the Feast of Saint Valentine with a beloved face-to-face or remotely due to pandemic pandemonium or using the day to focus on the most important relationship one can have – yourself! Cooking up a storm can be a great way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Ditch the risk of crowded restaurants, light some scented candles, turn up that smooth plant-based-cheesy jazz, throw on an apron – maybe only an apron, who’s there to judge – and go to town with these delicious, vegan, Valentine’s Day recipes. Plant-based eating can be a great way to bond over shared ideals for the good of the planet, a healthy body and mind, and has the added benefit of improving your energy levels, wink!


These light and flavourful rice wraps are the perfect meal to make together and a great excuse to get a little handsy with your food. The end result is sure to be Instagram-worthy! Hot-tip: For an extra romantic flourish include some edible flowers and get creative with your placing.


Great for nibbling and dipping and whiling away an evening together these sossies not only look impressive, they’re playful and a whole lot of fun to eat too.


This recipe is super easy with a fun and fancy twist! Bright, colourful beetroot hummus contrasted against some zesty guac is a celebration of colour and life, what could be more romantic than that?


Name a more romantic scene than the famous spaghetti sharing scene in the classic Lady and The Tramp! Share in your very own spaghetti kiss moment with the bonus of being animal cruelty-free.

Valentines Day Truffles

Is it ever really Valentine’s Day without chocolate involved? Pull out all the stops with these handcrafted delicacies from The Fry Family’s own Tammy Fry to finish off your evening with a flourish. Want to get more recipes? Head over to our cookbook page where there are dozens of free creative plant-based recipes for you to download.

The Big Fry Burger named “Best Plant-Based Food” at Symrise Food Review New Product Awards.

We are proud to announce that our beloved Big Fry Burger has been awarded the top spot in the “Plant-Based Food” category at the 2020/2021 Symrise Food Review New Product Awards.

We knew from day one that the Big Fry Burger would be one of the best plant-based burgers on the market, and we love that it has been recognized by one of South Africa’s top product innovation awards.

The ‘Plant-Based Foods’ category is a new addition to the Symrise Food Review New Product Awards and we can’t wait to see it grow from strength to strength.

Says Tammy Fry, co-founder and Global Brand Lead of Fry’s, “We launched the Big Fry Burger in 2020 in response to massive consumer demand for a local, affordable vegan burger patty that had the same sizzle, taste and texture as a ground beef burger. The Big Fry Burger ticks all of these boxes, and is a firm favourite with vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike.”

Tammy adds that awards like this show a growing demand for plant-based foods by retailers, food service and consumers. “The category is now a mainstream offering and this opens up incredible opportunity for product innovation both in-store and out of home.”


Fry’s Has Landed in Asda!

We have just added another big name to our distribution list, with the addition of our core frozen products to Asda supermarket shelves for the first time!

While we’ve grown over three decades, moving into global markets and offering multiple product innovations, we’ve always remained a small family business at our core, making wins like this extra special for us.

We celebrated our 30th anniversary this year and were also voted ‘Best Vegan Meat’ in 2021 in the UK by consumers at the recent Vegfest Awards, rounding off a fantastic year. 

We’re thrilled to be able to announce our partnership with Asda, which we believe is a perfect fit for our core audience. This news is also just in time for Veganuary, a movement that encourages people to try a vegan diet for the month of January.

We will be introducing two of our best-selling plant-based products – our Chicken-Style Burgers and Chicken-Style Nuggets, into Asda’s portfolio. Our food will now be stocked in approximately 331 high-street Asda stores across the UK, alongside our current frozen ranges in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Iceland.

The meat-free category continues to expand in the UK and Fry’s has a significant role to play in the future. We know that both vegan and non-vegan customers enjoy delicious, quick, plant-based alternatives that keep the whole family happy while being better for the environment, and the introduction of our tasty meat free products to Asda will give families even more choice for dinner time.


We were named Best Vegan “Meat” at the VegfestUK Awards 2021

We were awarded the Best Vegan “Meat” award at the annual VegFestUK awards this week.

Bringing to the fore the best of the best in the vegan community, the annual VegFestUK awards spanned 21 categories, such as best Vegan “Meat” Alternatives, Vegan Mylks, Media Publications, Vegan Fashion & Footwear and Vegan Community Project all voted on by passionate foodies, vegans, flexitarians, and plant-based eaters from around the UK.

We took just under a quarter of the votes in the hotly contested category from vegan and vegetarian food fans from across the UK. The VegfestUK Awards enter their 15th consecutive year in 2021, spanning an era that has witnessed the explosion of plant-based diets and ethical veganism.

2021 has seen tremendous growth for us, especially after having recently joined forces with other leading vegan food brands Oumph! and LikeMeat as part of the LIVEKINDLY collective.

When announcing the best vegan “meat” substitutes category, VegFestUK founder Tim Barford, said: “The Favourite Vegan “Meat” Category is a hotly contested category to compete in because of the large amount of investment recently in the meat alternative sector.”

Our plant-based meat alternatives are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of vegan recipes. Our range includes our Chicken-style Nuggets, Golden Crumbed Schnitzels, Chicken-Style Strips, Big Fry Burgers, and many more.

We are a family of vegetarians and vegans, and since day one it has been our goal to make great tasting, high protein meat replacements; initially for ourselves, and now our customers all over the world.

VegFestUK has been such a huge part of our journey as a plant-based brand, from our family kitchen in South Africa, to the shelves of some of the biggest supermarkets in the UK, so it’s an honour to be recognised by such a prestigious institution within the vegan community.

This award gives us great motivation to continue our commitment to creating the best tasting, most innovative, ethical, and plant-based meat-alternatives for our customers. 


Festive Meal Planning Made Plant-based

The festive season is here so it’s time to throw the diet plan out the window, ready the almond milk for Santa’s arrival and start planning your Christmas dinner ideas. Whether you’re plant-based yourself, have vegetarian guests coming or just want some delicious vegetable-based recipes in your festive cooking arsenal, we’ve got you covered with our best meat-free Christmas menu ideas.

There are so many reasons to eat plant-based this festive season. It could be to reduce your carbon footprint, to save animals or for your health. But going plant-based doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a delicious Christmas dinner. You can recreate what you would normally make, but make it vegan. While meat and dairy are cornerstone ingredients of the traditional feast, your vegan Christmas dinner can include all of your favourites without sacrificing the flavour of the food you love.

Here are our top delicious Festive recipes and tips that will make this season’s eatings full of joy and merriment:




For the Main Table:







VEGAN CHRISTMAS PUDDING – recipe from The Veg Space

VEGAN MINCE PIES – recipe from A Virtual Vegan


Top 5 Game Night Easy Recipes And Ideas

We love a game night! We love game night snacks! And we love vegan game night snacks most of all!

What a fun way to connect around the table with family and friends after a busy tech charged week?! If you’re looking for some dinner ideas for game night, we’ve got you covered. These healthy game night meals are easy to cook, so you can spend your evening on what matters, fun and connection, with just enough health to make it a guilt-free supper.

Everyone needs quick bite-on-the-go between rounds and a sit down supper just won’t cut it. Here are some of our favourite supper ideas for game night.

Chicken-Style Burgers

Easy, delicious one-handed morsels! Made with Fry’s Chicken-Style Burgers, they’re packed with protein and non-GMO plant goodness! With added hidden greens in the flavoursome pesto, this has all the makings of a healthy, vegan game night supper to keep those energy levels constant throughout the evening!

Tostadas and Cowboy Caviar

This scrumptious easy, plant-based meal is loaded with veggies and adds to the fun of the evening while still being a healthy game night snack. Easy to prepare and the right size for your left hand while your right rolls the dice. Whip them up with our delectable Golden Crumbed Schnitzels.

Nuggets with Buffalo Sauce & Vegan Blue Cheese-style Dipping Sauce

Plant-based Nuggets equal guilt-free nuggets! Whip up these Fry’s Chicken-Style Nuggets to dunk in this family-friendly grown-up dipping sauce. All of the crunch, none of the cruelty and voted best Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets!

Mezze with plant-based Tuna-Style Dip

Mezze platters are a great addition to your game night feast! Little nibbles to pick away at that are fresh, nutritious and FUN! Served up with some of our Chicken-Style Nuggets, Battered Prawn-Style Pieces or for Gluten Free, Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets.

And any game night would be incomplete without the star of the show…

Loaded Vegan Nachos

The ultimate in vegan game night snacks! Loaded Nachos are always a crowd-pleaser and this plant-based take on a classic is a healthier twist without ever needing to feel compromised on flavour and that beloved crunch.


10 Things You Can Do for the Ocean this World Oceans Day

Looking out for our oceans has never been this important. If you’ve watched the latest Netflix documentary, Seaspiracyyou’ll know that our impact on the ocean is dire. The film brought up everything from animal cruelty to ocean pollution, and it was tough to watch.  

But before we resign to the idea that making the world a better place is impossible, we should take a collective deep breath. There are many small actions that we can take here.  

 Here are 10 simple things you can do every day, because all our contributions matter. 

1 Try To Eat Less Seafood 

Cutting back or eliminating seafood from your diet is a big one. A reduction in seafood as a protein source will have a massively positive impact on the oceans. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a third of commercial fish stocks are being depleted at unsustainable levels. Ninety percent have been fully exploited. As the demand for fish increases, ocean supplies are becoming depleted more quickly and ecosystems are being radically disrupted. An easy solution is to swap out fish for vegetarian versions of your favourite seafood. Our vegan fish alternative, Fry’s Fish-Style Fillets, are a great option, or for another vegan seafood option, try our Battered Prawn-Style Pieces. These are doubly good for the ocean because we’re donating all the proceeds of our vegan seafood range to Sea Shepherd from May till October 2021. 

2 Reduce Your Energy Consumption 

The ocean has absorbed 90% of the excess heat created by burning fossil fuels in the last half-century. Our beautiful blue has been working overtime for us. Sadly though this means that waters are warmer which is affecting where fish swim and their reproduction cycles. It’s also wreaking havoc on our sea levels which in turn creates more natural disasters on land. You can make a change by being conscious of your energy use at home and work; using public transport (or walking or riding your bike to work); switching to fluorescent light bulbs; turning off lights when they’re not needed and unplugging electronics.  

3 Watch Out for Greenwashing 

Some labels are trustworthy and helpful, while others are misleading and are just there to create a false sense of security. For example, on its own, the word “sustainable” means very little and looking for reputable certifications to ensure the food you buy is sustainable is critical. This is true for all food, not just fish. Learn more about how to spot greenwashing here. 

4 Try Going Plant-Based 

A surprising fact is that pigs, chickens and cows are the world’s leading oceanic predators. The waste runoff of livestock operations on land has caused more than 500 nitrogen flooded dead zones in the oceans. Animal agriculture is also responsible for more greenhouse gasses than the entire transport industry combined. Our appetite for meat is affecting the temperature and cleanliness of our waters.  Buying more sustainable products like plant-based fish or seafood, helps keep them on the shelf, thereby giving others people considering change the option too.  This is a powerful step you can take to be an advocate for change. 

5 Use Less Plastic 

The more plastic we use, the more plastic ends up in the ocean. It is estimated by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. Interestingly the main source of ocean plastic pollution is not plastic straws but is actually fishing lines. (See Steps #1 and #4. Plant-based fish alternatives remove the need for fishing lines). As much as possible, reduce and reuse, and then recycle! We’ve been ditching the plastic inners in many of our product boxes and have a plan in action that is moving us towards 96% recyclable or recycled packaging by the end of 2021. 

6 Take Care of the Beach 

Whether you are relaxing on the beach, surfing or diving, always clean up after yourself. Respect the ocean by not interfering with wildlife or removing rocks and coral. Participate in or organise local beach clean-ups. Pick up what you find no matter how big or small. Neglected, lightweight debris will be blown into the sea. 

7 Read Labels Carefully and Educate Yourself 

Don’t purchase items that exploit marine life and choose ocean-friendly products. There are many products on the market that harm fragile coral reefs and marine populations. Avoid purchasing coral jewellery, tortoiseshell hair accessories, cosmetics containing shark squalene and other shark product, as well as fish tank accessories which are often sourced from fragile coastal ecosystems. Don’t buy fish as pets either and take a strong stance against keeping exotic species in captivity.  

8 Support Organisations That Protect the Ocean 

There are many local and global organisations that are fighting to protect ocean habitats and marine wildlife, like the brave people of Sea Shepherd. Consider giving financial support or volunteering for hands-on advocacy. We hope to raise about $15 000 for them in the next 6-months through the global sales of our Fish-Style Fillets and Battered Prawn-Style Pieces (both are available through your local retailers). We’ve been working with Sea Shepherd for years, and truly believe that they are ocean warriors and that they will do so much with this money for our beautiful ocean. 

9 Be the Change in Your Community 

One person can make a difference! Start beach cleanups, ask restaurants and supermarkets to offer more plant-based and fish-free options. Speak up if you notice threatened species on the menu or seafood counter. Take some time to research the ocean policies of government officials before casting your vote. An easy way to make a huge difference, is cooking plant-based meals for friends and family to show them how delicious they can be. Have a look at our recipes to get some inspiration. 

10 Share your knowledge with others  

Inspire friends and family to watch Seaspiracy, post plant-based seafood recipes on your own social media pages and share interesting facts.  Be the inspiration for someone else’s change! 





It’s official – We’re the Best Vegan Meat in the UK!


We are so pleased to announce that this South African-based, family-owned, plant-based food brand, won the Best Vegan “Meat” award at the annual VegFestUK, 2020.

The annual VegFestUK awards span 17 categories, such as Best Vegan Meat, Fast Food, Snacks, Vloggers and Media Publications, bringing together the best of the best in the UK vegan community and all voted on by passionate foodies, vegans, flexitarians and plant-based eaters from around the UK. Fry’s took home a whopping quarter of the votes in the hotly-contested award ceremony.

Fry’s award-winning plant-based meat alternatives available in the UK include chicken-style nuggets, tenders, burgers and strips, sausage-style rolls and hot dogs, beef-style burgers, and a selection of classic pies, including country mushroom and pepper steak-style. Also highly anticipated is the UK launch of our international bestseller, the Big Fry Burger, in Sainsbury’s.

Tammy Fry, our international marketing director had this to say upon receiving the award, “We are a family of vegetarians and vegans, and since day one it has been our goal to make great tasting, high protein meat replacements; initially for ourselves, and now our customers all over the world.

“VegFestUK has been such a huge part of our journey as a plant-based brand, from our family kitchen in South Africa, to the shelves of some of the biggest supermarkets in the UK, so it’s an honour to be recognised by such a prestigious institution within the vegan community.”

This award gives us great motivation to continue our commitment to creating the best tasting, most innovative, ethical, and plant-based meat alternatives for our customers.