Top 10 healthy lunch box ideas


“Don’t forget to take your lunch!”

Mornings are generally chaotic.  Dad trying to do his tie while drinking coffee and brushing his teeth, kids eating cereal and playing candy crush on your tablet, you trying to fight for a spot in the bathroom queue to get ready for work and pack lunch for the kids somehow simultaneously.  We are sure this scene is quite familiar!

To keep the lunch boxes brimming with delicious healthy snacks and treats, we at Fry’s have put together 10 easy and healthy recipes which will keep your children tucking in for more instead of the junk at the tuck shop!

1. Vegan Twister Wrap


Meat-free and taste full!  This easy wrap recipe goes well in any lunchbox.

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2. Rainbow Sandwiches


This simple vegan recipe is perfect for school lunch boxes or for those who are on the go.

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3. Chicken Strips Pizza


Pizza isn’t the question… it’s the answer. Especially when you use dairy-free cheese!

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4. Hot Dog Sandwich


This is a twist on the conventional hot dog on a bun… a must-try!

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5. Mango Chicken Wrap


Your kids will get their fruit ‘n veggies in one go with this healthy wrap.

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6. Nugget Quesadillas


This Mexican recipe is given a vegetarian flair with our nuggets.

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7. Grilled Polony and Hummus Sandwich


So quick and easy that your kids could do it!

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8. Roti Wrap


Looking for a traditional Indian lunchbox recipe?  Here you go!

9. Schnitzel, Cucumber and Lettuce Roll


Vegan and quick with all the taste to fill the lunchbox.

10. Sweet Chilli Tortilla Wrap


Packed full of the good stuff to keep your kids focused in school.

That’s our top 10 list!  What are your lunchbox favourites?  Please share them with us on Facebook or Twitter now!