Food charities that need donations or helping hands

We have seen so many people come together to make a difference and we urge anyone that has the resources to please consider donating either food, funds or extra hands to food charities. We have donated over 10 000 meals already and counting, but more and more people need help every day. Together we can make a huge difference.

Have a look at the different food charities you could help support:

City Harvest

City Harvest is on the frontline, in ordinary times of need as well as the current state of emergency. City Harvest puts surplus food to good use in a sustainable way by collecting this food from restaurants and other food establishments in London. City Harvest then redistributes and delivers high-quality, nourishing food to help organisations provide meals to vulnerable people including homeless shelters, soup kitchens, children’s programmes, centres for the elderly, and refuges for women experiencing domestic violence.

Every £50 donated will help feed 200 Londoners.

Find out how to get involved here.

Independent Food Aid Network

Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) seeks to connect and support grassroots independent food aid providers, to provide a voice for these groups by advocating on their behalf at a national level, and to campaign for food security for all and the end for the need of emergency food aid in the UK.

IFAN London food banks saw an average increase in need from February to March 2020 of 68%. People need to access emergency supplies across the capital because they cannot afford to buy food. Your donations will mean food banks can fill the gap until poverty levels are reduced.

IFAN’s vision is of a nation that does not need emergency food aid, and in which good food is accessible to all.

Find out how to get involved here.

The Felix Project

The Felix Project is a charity that rescues safe and nutritious surplus food from the food industry to reduce food waste and food poverty. This is done by collecting food from supermarkets, wholesalers and other food suppliers – food that is fresh and nutritious but cannot be sold for various reasons. It is then redistributed and delivered to a range of charities across London who provide meals, snacks or food parcels ensuring food that would have gone to waste is for reaching vulnerable people in London.

Find out how to get involved here.

Trussell Trust

Trussell Trust supports a network of food banks to provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.

Trussell Trust’s mission brings communities together to end hunger and poverty in the UK by providing compassionate, practical help with dignity whilst challenging injustice.

Find out how to get involved here.