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Sweet & Spicy Chick’n and Waffles

Yields4 ServingsTotal Time20 mins

Fry's Sweet and Spicy Chick’n and Waffles

<p style="font-family:trade-gothic-next-condensed;color: #154732">Delicious waffles drizzled with golden or maple syrup served with crunchy Fry’s Family Chicken-style Nuggets. This is the ultimate in comfort food, with the option of making it hot and spicy! </p>
<p style="font-family:trade-gothic-next-condensed;color: #154732">Serves: 4</p>
Nuggets & Waffles
 1 package Fry’s Chick’n Nuggets
 1 package frozen waffles, cooked according to the package instructions
 Vegan butter
Hot & Spicy Syrup
 ½ cup golden or maple syrup
 1 tbsp coconut oil
 1 teaspoon of your favorite hot sauce *optional
<p style="font-family:trade-gothic-next-condensed;color: #154732">Note: For a non-spicy version simply skip the hot sauce.</p>

Preheat your oven to 400°F.


Arrange the frozen nuggets on a baking sheet and place them in the oven for 15 minutes, flipping them once, halfway through.


Once the nuggets are crispy, transfer them to a mixing bowl and toss with your favorite buffalo or hot sauce, then serve immediately.


Prepare the waffles according to the instructions on the package.

Hot & Spicy Syrup

Add the syrup, coconut oil, and hot sauce to a small pot over medium heat. Heat and stir to combine then remove from the heat.

Serving ideas
<p style="font-family:trade-gothic-next-condensed;color: #154732">Portion a few waffles into a stack and garnish with some Fry’s Chick’n Nuggets. Drizzle with hot & spicy syrup, or just regular maple or golden syrup, then serve. </p>
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