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by Cath Jenkin, Freelance Writer and Journalist 

Overcoming fussy eaters in your family

I’m one of those annoyingly lucky parents – my daughter loves eating her vegetables but simultaneously enjoys chocolate too. This didn’t just happen though – it was an actively aware approach to healthy eating that started from the day I first spooned cereal towards her mouth.

Choice makes it a personal investment
From the moment she was toddling around and scaring me with her vocabulary, dinner became a matter of choice. By actively enabling her to choose between two or three meals I’d be happy to put on the dinner table, she felt like her dinner was the result of her decisions. Kids love making decisions and being given a sense of responsibility for their lives, and yes, this is a little thing – but it’s not that difficult to implement. While I’ve never had to hide vegetables in her dinner, I have done that more recently since our family expanded (this is why my fiancé loves my lasagne so much, but don’t tell him!).

Colourful food is your friend
Ask a kid what their favourite food is and why, and they may just tell you it’s all about the colour of it. Strips of yellow and red peppers make for great finger food, while cubes of Fry’s Slicing Sausage on a kebab stick with chunks of fruit or vegetables make for a great dinnertime treat (that’s not actually a treat!) Offering a varied plate that’s big on colour and on crunch as often as you can, does help to eliminate the “Oh, no, I don’t eat that” phrase.


Lekker Lunches
There’s a lot to be said about lunchboxes. Many parents will tell you that it seems like they plop an apple into their children’s lunchbox, just to give it a trip out of the house for the day, only for the process to be repeated throughout the week. My go-to lunchbox meal again is made up with variety and colour. My daughter often ditches the sandwich and enjoys more snacks, so a healthy lunch is made up of raisins, celery or carrot sticks, rice cakes and – of course – a treat.

Treats are part of the plan
You can berate me for saying this and that’s okay – I believe that treats should be a part of your family’s eating plan. If you demonize treats or make them a forbidden item, the attraction of them becomes all that more real, and could lead to binging when your children have more power over what they choose to eat. Instead, we treat treats (haha!) as part of the plan when it comes to family eating. Maybe we’ll have ice cream today, but tomorrow, we’ll double up on the salad and that’s totally okay.

What’s the secret to avoiding fussy eaters? A solid plan and an awareness that, if you fail today, there’s always tomorrow to try again. Good luck parents!

Cath Jenkin is a Durban-proud freelance writer and journalist who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, but it only works out sometimes. Don’t ever ask her to cook rice. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter or check out her blog.


Top 10 healthy lunch box ideas


“Don’t forget to take your lunch!”

Mornings are generally chaotic.  Dad trying to do his tie while drinking coffee and brushing his teeth, kids eating cereal and playing candy crush on your tablet, you trying to fight for a spot in the bathroom queue to get ready for work and pack lunch for the kids somehow simultaneously. We are sure this scene is quite familiar!

To keep the lunch boxes brimming with delicious healthy snacks and treats, we at Fry’s have put together 10 easy and healthy recipes which will keep your children tucking in for more instead of the junk at the tuck shop!

1. Vegan Twister Wrap


Meat free and taste full!  This easy wrap recipe goes well in any lunchbox.

– Get the Recipe!

2. Rainbow Sandwiches


This simple vegan recipe is perfect for school lunch boxes or for those who are on the go.

– Get the Recipe!

3. Chicken Strips Pizza


Pizza isn’t the question… it’s the answer. Especially when you use dairy-free cheese!

– Get the Recipe!

4. Hot Dog Sandwich


This is a twist on the conventional hot dog on a bun… a must try!

– Get the Recipe!

5. Mango Chicken Wrap


Your kids will get their fruit ‘n veggies in one go with this healthy wrap.

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6. Nugget Quesadillas


This Mexican recipe is given a vegetarian flair with our nuggets.

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7. Grilled Polony and Hummus Sandwich


So quick and easy that your kids could do it!

– Get the Recipe!

8. Roti Wrap


Looking for a traditional Indian lunchbox recipe?  Here you go!

9. Schnitzel, Cucumber and Lettuce Roll


Vegan and quick with all the taste to fill the lunchbox.

10. Sweet Chilli Tortilla Wrap


Packed full of the good stuff to keep your kids focused in school.

That’s our top 10 list!  What are your lunchbox favourites?  Please share them with us on Facebook or Twitter now!


Three new year’s resolutions you can stick to


Each year people make a commitment to be a better person with an array of New Year’s Resolutions. That commitment usually lasts until the 10th of January when the couch is a better place to be than running on the beach. This is also about the time when junk food is “easier” to eat than veggies and charity really does start at home. In 2016, why not make your goals attainable and start small then grow them! Instead of saying “I am going to lose 15kg’s” rather say “I am going to eat healthier”.

Drastic change is not always sustainable so this year why not keep it simple and try these New Year’s Resolutions?

1. Eat Healthier


Choose plant proteins over protein that comes from animals. Eat more fruit and vegetables each day while drinking plenty of water. These are simple tips that our parents told us from day one… so why don’t we listen? Don’t be hard on yourself when you have a cheat meal but don’t make them the norm. By making a conscious decision to eat mostly whole foods and swapping meat out for Fry’s, you are doing good on yourself. There is a body of research that suggests following a plant-based diet is the best way to manage your weight, improve your health and well-being.

2. Be More Active


Simply saying “I am going to get fit this year” is not going to get you off the couch but saying “I am going to win Comrades” may not be helpful either. Small steps (like take the steps and not the elevator) are ways to get yourself in the mindset you need to become more active. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive Lycra and join a running club, just start with doing Parkrun each week! Then make the most of your mornings with a quick few sit-ups and squats to start the day (check out these morning routines) and join that yoga class you were meaning to go to. Need more tips? Check out these 15 from former couch potatoes.

3. Give Some of Your Time


“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody.” ~ Malcom Bane 

We all want to do good. We want to change the world and “be the change” we want to see around us. Often, this global view may be to your detriment because you can feel powerless in the face of the great challenges that are facing animals, people, and our planet. Instead think small and help out in your immediate community. Help out at the local animal shelter once a week, donate blood or do a beach clean-up with some friends. These may seem small but it has been said that a butterfly can start a storm! So why not go from a lazy caterpillar to someone who is out there making a small but meaningful difference?

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you agree with our list?  Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!