Charity organisations that desperately need your help during the lockdown period!

Charity organisations that desperately need your help during the lockdown period:

HOLAH (House of Love and Hope)

A safe loving haven for abandoned/orphaned babies.

What they do:

In South Africa, there are a large number of abandoned and orphaned babies, as well as babies that are taken out of homes for various reasons. In light of this, HOLAH’s main purpose is to be a safe haven for these young children.

Why support them?

“Due to the dramatic drop in sales at our charity HOP shop, due to the majority of people social-distancing, we are estimating that we are going to be at least R30,000 short of paying our monthly expenditures”.

How to donate:

Please send any amount to the bank account below:

  • Likhon iThemba
  • FNB – Durban North
  • Branch Code – 220426
  • Account Number – 62396663918

SPCA Amanzimtoti

What they do:

They run mobile clinics two mornings a week in the underprivileged, previously disadvantaged and rural areas. They offer education on animal care, dipping, vaccinations, sterilisation, and primary veterinary treatment for animals and when possible supply animal food for the needy animals. On a daily basis, they deal with lost, found, unwanted, confiscated and abused animals. Their inspectors respond to emergency calls of animal cruelty and investigate reports of animal abuse or neglect and where necessary rescue animals and file charges with the police for further investigation and prosecution. They deal with animal-related difficulties, for example, feral cats at business premises and stray animals on the roads. They sterilize animals to control the number of strays and unwanted animals. All animals are sterilized before adoption and a pre-home check is done.

Why support them?

“This shutdown is going to be absolutely devastating for us. The loss of revenue from our charity shops and boarding facilities is going to hit us extremely hard. The animals continue to pour in, even more so now, due to misinformation that animals carry the virus. We know this is a really tough time for everyone, but if you can spare even a small donation, it will really make a difference to us”.

How to donate:

  • Amanzimtoti SPCA
  • First National Bank
  • Current account
  • Acc no: 62807184552
  • Branch code: 220127

SPCA Pietermaritzburg

What they do:

The Pietermaritzburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) provides a comprehensive service to a large community in order to fulfill their mandate to prevent cruelty, neglect and suffering to all animals.

Why support them?

“SPCA Pietermaritzburg needs your help to make sure that we are prepared for the lockdown! We do not have enough food for a month let alone indefinite time. Please, please — we are asking for donations of dog, puppy, cat, kitten, rabbit and guinea pig Pellets, tins, sachets….everything is needed. We did a stocktake of our food container today and optimism was lost”.

How to donate:

  • Standard Bank Acc No: 250068052
  • Branch Code: 05-75-25
  • Reference: Food Donation

The Salvation Army Joseph Baynes Children’s Home

What they do:

The program provides residential care for at-risk children and youth in order that they may have access to quality education and have a sense of family and security. Life-skills programs empower the youth to ensure that they can function independently when they are released from the program.

Why support them?

“We too have been impacted by the COVID19. On Tuesday the minister of social development sent out correspondence saying that the facility is essentially on lockdown children may only leave for essential appointments and no visitors are allowed. While we understand and agree with the minister’s decision it’s very hard to explain to a small child that they cannot see their mommy or granny. So we are appealing to our friends and sponsors to help us bring a smile to our children’s faces. If you can possibly assist us with some donations of Easter eggs, sweets, chips or a cake or four. Some board games for our older children would be nice. Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitors to serve or see the children as we did in the past but our reception is open to receive any donations”.

How to donate:

Please call 033 3862326 to arrange a donation.

Ladles of Love

Ladles of Love is an extensive community project dedicated to feeding hungry people. Their soup kitchens feed the homeless of Cape Town every week. Our other projects provide food to struggling schools, students and communities.

Why support them?

“In the first few weeks of lock-down, we grew from an average of 350 meals a day to 2000. It’s been an unbelievable few weeks as we expanded and scaled up our feeding schemes to meet the increased need during this lock-down period”.

How to donate:

If you’d like to donate to our work, please click here.

CHOC – Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa

What they do:

CHOC is a non-profit organisation made up of caring, committed and passionate people who stand up for and support the well-being of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders and their families.

Why support them?

“We provide accommodation, transport funds amongst other things for people in need. We have 13 CHOC accommodations throughout SA”.

How to donate:

If you’d like to donate to our work, please click here.

Door of Hope Children’s Mission in Johannesburg, South Africa

What they do:

Their missions include; saving abandoned babies, bringing children home, building people of character and bridging a better world.

Why support them?

Door of Hope desperately needs face masks for the protection of our aunties and babies. Please email if you are able to donate or sell good quality masks at a reasonable price. Anyone with time on their hands, material and sewing machine and can make washable masks, please contact us too! Bless you all and stay safe!

How to donate:

If you’d like to donate to our work, please click here.

Let us know which other charity organisations you think need to be added to our list!


Survival guide for families in lockdown

As a parent, I know how difficult this time is for families with kids. We’re not only worrying about being isolated; we also have to worry about our child’s future in this world, our child’s education and a million and one other things. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve put together a survival guide for families during the isolation period.

Here are my top tips for surviving lockdown:


With the whole family in one space, you need to create some structure in the day. It doesn’t have to be inflexible, but a rough guide as to what gets done, when. Treat your days like any other days. Get up early to shower, make beds, eat breakfast and complete your usual list of morning chores. Set mini-goals for each day so that your kids understand what needs to be completed before they can head outside to play. Schedule mini-breaks too, for snacks, fresh air and perhaps some baking.

Make sure that everyone in the family is doing their bit to help out. Delegate chores and put up a chore chart. The very necessary cleaning frenzy means that everything from door handles, to the kettle handle, needs to be sanitised. Give each family member their own sanitiser spray and wipes for areas to sanitise.


Allow some time to chat with your children about the virus, how it spreads and how they can play a role in “flattening the curve”. Arm them with information, not fear. Some of them will have little contact with their friends, so give them the opportunity to call their friends for chats. Verbal communication always trumps texting. Listen to your children’s concerns and try to reassure them – encourage them to express their feelings.


It’s not often that families get to spend quality time together – no sports schedules, no school schedules, no work schedules – make the most of it. Get out into nature as a family, have evening firepits, roll pizza bases, do online family yoga, play board games and maybe even head out for some garden camping. Try and enjoy the time you have.


Get some lavender oil, a diffuser or light some candles and spend 10min together listening to relaxing music or guided meditation. We don’t always know how much our children may internalise their stress. By doing this, we bring peace into our homes and keep anxiety at bay.


There’s nothing like a workout to dissolve stress and anxiety. Build an obstacle course in your garden or house using chairs, tables, blankets, and the couch – the kids will have endless fun and you may be tempted to join in the action (keep it safe though – the hospitals don’t need more patients). Or get your kids to design workouts for the family to do together. Write out the numbers 1-10 on paper and several bodyweight movements – cut them out and place them in 2 different jars. Draw a number and a movement and write this down. This is a fun way to create home workouts.

Of course, we cannot forget “The toilet paper challenge”

Start teaching your kids how to use 2 squares of toilet paper at a time instead of fistfuls of toilet paper. The stuff is like gold, use it wisely!


I am one of these, so I know you are reading this post and rolling your eyes thinking “how on earth do I get through all of this?”

  • Find a few good documentaries (my kids love Planet Earth) and let the kids watch them while you work.
  • There are great educational apps and games – download them and lift the technology restrictions temporarily – DON’T FEEL GUILTY!
  • Download a few audiobooks that they can listen to.
  • Schedule your work into 2hr blocks. You work for 2 hrs, then you do something with the kids for 30min. If you start early, you should easily manage to complete your work tasks.

Stay safe out there!



We have joined forces with LIVEKINDLY Co!

We have exciting news! It has just been announced that the Fry Family Food Co. is joining the LIVEKINDLY Co. – a brand new company that is leading a global movement to build a sustainable future.

The LIVEKINDLY Co. is a collective of heritage and start-up brands and the company is planning to become one of the world’s largest plant-based food companies.

This relationship with the LIVEKINDLY Co. is our vision continued. We are thrilled to be part of this new company that is going to revolutionize the global plant-based food market. This venture gives us the opportunity to really scale up what we do in the plant-based food space.  We are going to reach more customers and change even more hearts and minds.

We’re the only South African company under the LIVEKINDLY Co. umbrella and we’re really proud to be bringing 30-years of experience, a deep understanding of local and global value chains in plant-based meat alternatives and a portfolio of over 60 plant-based products to the table.

Currently (with more to come) the brands under the LIVEKINDLY Co. portfolio are us (The Fry Family Food Co.), LikeMeat, as well as the fastest-growing plant-based digital media platform, LIVEKINDLY Media. The LIVEKINDLY Co. also has an equity stake in PURIS Holding, a really exciting company specialising in non-GMO, plant-based ingredients which means they are the only company in the plant-based food sector to own and operate the entire value chain of production.

While we’ve grown over three decades, moving into global markets and offering multiple product innovations, we’ve always remained family-owned and run. We are all really excited about this new adventure. We see it as a coming together of like-minded brands to create a movement for change. The family is still very involved in the business, and we will continue to create our award-winning products that our consumers know and love.

What makes us particularly excited is that unlike any other company in this space, the LIVEKINDLY Co. is creating a movement that will drive impact at scale and at speed.

With the help of the LIVEKINDLY Co., we hope to inspire more people to LIVEKINDLY for humanity, our home and those who share it with us.

Together we will be bringing so much more kindness to your plate.