Fry’s named best vegan chicken burger in the world

The Fry Family Food Co.’s Chicken-Style Burger has been named one of the top 10 best vegan burgers by global sustainability-focused consumer review app, abillion.

The 2021 World’s Best Vegan Burgers Awards saw consumers from 62 countries cast 12,000 reviews to name their favourite vegan burgers with the Fry’s Chicken-Style Burger achieving the 10th spot – the only chicken-style entrant to reach a coveted top-ten position.

Tammy Fry, co-founder of The Fry Family Food Co., said it was a special win for Fry’s.

“It’s fantastic validation to achieve a spot on such a coveted list – especially as it was a public vote and in a market that’s highly competitive with an ever-growing range of great plant-based foods to choose from,” said Tammy.

Chicken Style Burgers: Fry's

“At Fry’s, we pride ourselves on creating delicious products that offer the same satisfying taste as their meat counterparts while being versatile, high in protein and kinder to the world.

“We’re honoured to hear how voters praised our Chicken-Style Burgers on its taste, value, and versatility. It gives us great motivation to continue delivering innovative, delicious plant-based options for our customers to help them change the world, one bite at a time.”

Made from a blend of plant-based proteins, a fantastic source of fibre and protein, the burger offers a crunchy crumbed coating with a succulent and flavoursome patty – similar to a traditional chicken schnitzel or nugget but 100 per cent free of animal products.

The versatility of the patties makes them perfect as part of a full meal like a classic burger and chips, or on its own as a quick snack. Simply put them in the oven, air-fryer or frypan for a fast and fuss-free option at mealtime.

“A big selling point for our customers is how quickly the patties can be cooked, making them the ideal choice for an easy plant-based family meal. Our family loves using them to put a  kinder twist on a classic Parmigana or for lighter meals like Asian Lettuce Cups,” said Tammy.

If you’re looking for more plant-based options, the Fry’s Quinoa and Brown Rice Protein Burgers (gluten free), Nuggets and Soy and Flaxseed Schnitzels are all top sellers in Australia, offering consumers a kinder chicken-style alternative to the classic favourites, found in the freezer section of Coles, Woolworths and independent stores.



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braaied mushroom and fry’s chicken burger with basil, rocket pesto and pineapple
Braaied mushroom and fry’s chicken burger with basil, rocket pesto and pineapple
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