Recipes To Try During The Month Of Purtassi

More and more families are eating less meat for many reasons including health, budget cuts, environmental impact and religious or cultural fasting periods.

One such festival is Purtassi, a fasting period particularly important to some of our Fry’s fans.

What is Purtassi? This annual Tamil festival is from mid-September to mid-October and is dedicated to the worship of Maha Vishnu (the Preserver). Very simply, Purtassi is an important time devoted to the cleansing of the mind and body and families observe a strict vegetarian diet for the full month. In some cases devotees also exclude the use of salt, ginger and garlic, and shop bought bread, cakes and confectionary as well as alcohol. This festival brings the community together in a joint effort to connect and reset.

Finding easy, delicious Purtassi recipes to keep the whole family happy over this period can be tricky. So we have pulled together some of our most popular recipes from our website to help with the planning.

Indian Vegan Recipes for The Whole Family During Purtassi

These convenient, easy vegan recipes are made with some of our most loved products (including Pea Protein Mince; Original Hotdogs; Chicken-Style Nuggets; No-Meatballs; Big Fry Burger and Big Fry Boerie) and have been tried and tested by the Fry family.


The term ‘bhaji’ is often used to describe fritter dishes, but also, as in this recipe to describe a leafy green vegetable stir fry with Indian spices. ‘Methi’ means fenugreek leaves which are bitter in taste and rich in potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin C, as well as dietary fibre. This vegan methi bhaji recipe goes well with roti or rice.


The kids will love this vegan lunch idea after school. It’s great for picnics too! Crisp and refreshing, this snack platter is packed full of fruit, veggies, and our Nuggets and No-Meat Balls.


A simple, easy, age-old Indian vegan recipe made of eggplant, zucchini, onion, tomato, and mushrooms tossed together in a frying pan and served over rice. Add some Fry’s strips or mince for extra protein!


An old South African favourite! In South Africa, Boerewors is as traditional as you can get and it is hard to imagine a sports game, farmer’s market or school event without someone selling boerie. This recipe is perfect for a Saturday afternoon or a nutritious vegan dinner.


Who doesn’t love a hotdog? Perfect for a quick lunch or Friday dinner for the kids. These three toppings come together effortlessly and make for the perfect DIY family hot dog night dinner.


A great one for a DIY supper where the whole family gets involved.


Our No-Meatballs are perfect for your family’s favourite spaghetti and meatballs recipe. Just swap out the beef for our plant-based No-Meat Balls. All the flavour and texture, none of the cholesterol and preservatives.


These vegan Kimchi BBQ burgers are loaded with flavour. packed with protein, glazed with a Korean barbecue sauce, and topped with a kimchi slaw. They are veggie burger perfection!


For anyone who needs their hotdog to be a little ‘extra’. A winner with the kids’ vegetarian lunch boxes – and just about anyone who loves a good hot dog! Our veggie dogs are MSG and preservative-free, free from artificial colourants, cholesterol and trans fats, and of course, hormone and antibiotic-free!


You can’t go wrong with a hearty Bolognese! This easy vegan recipe is plant-based spin on an Italian family favourite. Simply swop the meat with our plant-based mince and serve with pappardelle pasta for the real slurp and sauce effect of this dish.


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