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Family Burger Night

Yields1 Serving

Serves: 4
 2 packs Fry's Big Fry Burger
 vegetable oil for frying
 plant based butter, optional
 seasoned fries or sweet potato, for serving
Classic Cheese
 4 sesame seed hamburger rolls
 1 head cos lettuce, shredded
 2 tomatoes, sliced
 1 red onion, sliced in rings
 4 slices vegan cheese
 2-3 large gherkins, sliced
 2 Tbsp BBQ basting sauce
 tomato sauce
 salt and pepper to taste
 4 pretzel hamburger rolls
 1 small handful rocket
 2 cups plant based yoghurt
 1 small mediterranean cucumber, grated
 1/2 lemon, juice and zest
 1/4 cup crispy onions
 salt and pepper to taste
Saucy mushroom
 4 poppy seed hamburger rolls
 3 cups sliced portabellini mushrooms
 2 Tbsp soy sauce
 2 cups plant-based milk
 1 tsp cornflour
 butter lettuce leaves
 2 tomatoes, sliced
 3 Tbsp onion marmalade
 salt and pepper to taste

Fry the Fry's Big Fry Burger until well browned and cooked. Spread plant-based butter over the rolls, if using.

Classic Cheese

Add the basting sauce to the burgers while cooking to coat. To assemble, layer the topping and the burgers between the rolls, finishing off with a squeeze of tomato sauce.


Combine the plant based yoghurt, grated cucumber and lemon juice. Assemble the burgers starting with rocket, the yoghurt mix and topped with crispy onions.

Saucy Mushroom

Fry the mushrooms until softened and browned.
Use 1 Tbsp milk to make a slurry with the cornflour.
Add the soy sauce, plant-based milk and cornflour slurry and stir until it starts to thicken. 4. Adjust seasoning to taste and assemble the burgers.


Enjoy with your choice of fries or sweet potato fries.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 4