Fun, healthy Saturday Night Family Dinner Ideas

These quick, easy family dinner ideas are so delicious it’ll be hard for even the pickiest little eaters to say no. Don’t believe us? Give this list a look and try one out. We’re sure your little ones will be asking for seconds! Best part: they’re healthy and fun to make too. We’ve got classic favorites as well as fresh, kid-approved pastas and casseroles. If you’re ready to take on some vegan dinner ideas that are also crowd-pleasers, take a look through some of our favorite plant-based dinner recipes right here.

We like to get the whole family involved when making these easy dinner recipes. Getting kids involved in cooking and meal preparation can seem to be more work than benefit, especially when you’re having a busy week but empowering your kids to make their own food and take a turn or two to cook dinner, will teach them about good nutrition and pay off in the long run.

Why plant-based dinners? Not only are plant-protein options free of the harmful carcinogens, heavy metals, environmental contaminants, cholesterol and hormones that are often found in meat and dairy but they are also full of beneficial vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants which help to fight disease and keep children healthy. Studies have found that children who eat a plant-based diet have less risk of becoming overweight or obese and tend to eat more fruits and vegetables and less junk food.


Macfry burger

These burgers imitate every kids’ favourite fast food burger, without the extra nasties added. Make this easy dinner recipe using our famous Big Fry Burgers!

Mac and Cheeserpiller 2019

A childhood favourite packed with protein from our Mini Chipolatas. This vegan take on an old faithful gets gold stars for kid-friendly flavour. Every hungry caterpillar will want a bite.

The Little Rascal Burger 2019

What little rascal isn’t a fan of a burger? Give this dinner treat a healthy kick loaded with veggie fillings that double up as a cheeky wink. Made with our Chicken-Style Burgers for a quick plant-based dinner. You could also swap out the Chicken-Style Burgers for our famous Big Fry Burgers if you’re looking for something a bit meatier.

Vegan mini pizza for kids

Pizza as cookies? The best of both worlds combined! Use a cookie cutter to make cute shapes like hearts and stars as your pizza base and decorate with your favourite veggie toppings like our Original Hotdogs.