Survival guide for families in lockdown

As a parent, I know how difficult this time is for families with kids. We’re not only worrying about being isolated; we also have to worry about our child’s future in this world, our child’s education and a million and one other things. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve put together a survival guide for families during the isolation period.

Here are my top tips for surviving lockdown:


With the whole family in one space, you need to create some structure in the day. It doesn’t have to be inflexible, but a rough guide as to what gets done, when. Treat your days like any other days. Get up early to shower, make beds, eat breakfast and complete your usual list of morning chores. Set mini-goals for each day so that your kids understand what needs to be completed before they can head outside to play. Schedule mini-breaks too, for snacks, fresh air and perhaps some baking.

Make sure that everyone in the family is doing their bit to help out. Delegate chores and put up a chore chart. The very necessary cleaning frenzy means that everything from door handles, to the kettle handle, needs to be sanitised. Give each family member their own sanitiser spray and wipes for areas to sanitise.


Allow some time to chat with your children about the virus, how it spreads and how they can play a role in “flattening the curve”. Arm them with information, not fear. Some of them will have little contact with their friends, so give them the opportunity to call their friends for chats. Verbal communication always trumps texting. Listen to your children’s concerns and try to reassure them – encourage them to express their feelings.


It’s not often that families get to spend quality time together – no sports schedules, no school schedules, no work schedules – make the most of it. Get out into nature as a family, have evening firepits, roll pizza bases, do online family yoga, play board games and maybe even head out for some garden camping. Try and enjoy the time you have.


Get some lavender oil, a diffuser or light some candles and spend 10min together listening to relaxing music or guided meditation. We don’t always know how much our children may internalise their stress. By doing this, we bring peace into our homes and keep anxiety at bay.


There’s nothing like a workout to dissolve stress and anxiety. Build an obstacle course in your garden or house using chairs, tables, blankets, and the couch – the kids will have endless fun and you may be tempted to join in the action (keep it safe though – the hospitals don’t need more patients). Or get your kids to design workouts for the family to do together. Write out the numbers 1-10 on paper and several bodyweight movements – cut them out and place them in 2 different jars. Draw a number and a movement and write this down. This is a fun way to create home workouts.

Of course, we cannot forget “The toilet paper challenge”

Start teaching your kids how to use 2 squares of toilet paper at a time instead of fistfuls of toilet paper. The stuff is like gold, use it wisely!


I am one of these, so I know you are reading this post and rolling your eyes thinking “how on earth do I get through all of this?”

  • Find a few good documentaries (my kids love Planet Earth) and let the kids watch them while you work.
  • There are great educational apps and games – download them and lift the technology restrictions temporarily – DON’T FEEL GUILTY!
  • Download a few audiobooks that they can listen to.
  • Schedule your work into 2hr blocks. You work for 2 hrs, then you do something with the kids for 30min. If you start early, you should easily manage to complete your work tasks.

Stay safe out there!



Behind the success of every small business, there is a family!

Chapter 1:

I remember school weekends spent packing boxes, moving stock, playing in pallet houses and catching rides on conveyor belts.  I remember tasting and tasting again, to be sure.  I remember a Mom & Dad who worked tirelessly, day in and day out, night in and night out.  I remember the days where every penny counted and the simple things in life were treasured.

We were brought up in a humble home.  One with a big heart, strong values and a work ethic to boot!  We were, of course, a family of vegetarians, in South Africa and had folks who believed you should follow your dreams and leave a positive mark in the world.  They also believed in good-old-fashioned hard work and striving for perfection in everything you did.  It was always about the commitment and the effort.  Conversations at the dinner table included the trivial school day report-backs and then morality, ethics, the state of the world, and an update on the latest plant-based burger recipe they managed to crack that day!  

I guess, Fry’s is so much a part of our lives, that it could never not be a part of our lives, so it made sense that after we completed our studies, we started helping out in the family business.  I started the marketing department (I mean, desk!).  Dad relegated me to the pre-weighing warehouse, where I was to “market” and manage the pre-weighing team.  Armed with a mop-cap and laptop, I found myself sitting in the middle of a warehouse, at an upcycled pallet desk covered in spice dust and smelling of burger patties daily!  Hayley, my younger sister, got it a bit luckier.  She came later, and by then, things at Fry’s had stepped up a bit!  She was sent into the factory armed with gumboots, mop cap, coat and mask.  She was to assist with product development.  And just like that, we found our niches.  Stacey, the youngest sister, slipped in the back door and now manages international packaging compliance.  

Dad’s philosophy was a simple one: everyone was to be treated equally (whether or not you were family), and everyone had to put 100% effort into their daily work.  And so it was!

our success story

Chapter 2:

Fast forward 18 years.  

As a now fully-fledged second-generation family business, we decided that we wanted to up the ante a notch or two.  We wanted to keep things interesting and of course to continue to fulfil our passion for all things plant-based, nutritious and tasty.

It all started over a pot in the family kitchen where we were making salted caramel and then we thought, wouldn’t it be nice if Fry’s could make a non-dairy ice cream, that tasted better than ice cream, ice cream and then topped it with this pot of incredibly tasty homemade salted caramel…and just like that, an idea was born!    

We didn’t just stop there, as you may or may not already know, when we get onto a bandwagon, we seem to all jump right on.  We started looking at new things that we could make to help people transition more easily to a plant-based diet.  

We think the best is yet to come!  

But we did want to share Chapter 1 “From Piggeries to Veggies” in a film – please watch it and share it if it inspires you in any way.  It shares our authenticity and passion, our emotions and gives an insight into our lives growing up in South Africa. Happy watching!

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6 Ways to have the best vegetarian Christmas


This collection of vegetarian Christmas recipes and vegan holiday tips will make this year’s festivities the best yet

The festive season is upon us so it is time to throw the diet plan out the window, ready the almond milk for Santa’s arrival and hear your crazy uncle’s latest idea for a “better-than-sliced-bread” invention. The Fry’s family has been in the kitchen and we have come up with some delicious recipes and tips which will make this season’s eatings full of joy and merriment.

1. Glazed Game On
with roasted onions, pineapples and cherry tomatoes.

The Christmas classic gets a meat-free spin with our polony. The centre of the table will now be complete with a mouth-watering roast infused with garlic.


– Get the Recipe!

2. Vegan Eggnog
With coconut milk and nutmeg (plus a bit of bourbon).

Go dairy-free with this version of the family favourite. We are sure Santa will be happy to have nog with his cookies

– Get cookie recipe!


– Get the Recipe!

3. Mini Hot Dog Rolls
with Fry’s Hot Dogs and sesame seeds.

These are great for starters to get festivities started. Serve with sweet chilli sauce and micro greens.


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4. Vegan Gravy
Gravy baby, yeah.

Gravy goes with everything! Mash potatoes, veggies, you name it.


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5. Poppin’ Pear Salad
Strawberries, pears, pops and greens.

Salads at Christmas? Of course when there are Fry’s Meat Free Pops!


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6. Christmas Pudding
Under the mistletoe. 

You will be pudding this in your mouth because it’s so good.


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